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I've been with USAA for over 12 years straight, no accidents and here is my first experience with them. So we're moving from San Antonio to Jacksonville NC for a PCS move, about 4 hours into our trip we're hit by a semi truck and he decides to keep on going after he hit us.

We of course called the state troopers to report the hit and run, the trooper puts together all the information and we call USAA while we're sitting on the side of the road with the trooper. They're asking us a ton of questions which is no big deal, mind you that we were also towing my wifes car on a trailer when all of this happened which is important to know. We tell USAA that we're in the middle of a PCS move and about the hit and run, how it went down and all. I tell them my wifes car is on a trailer and when they schedule a tow truck it needs to be equipped to pick up the trailer as well as tow my truck which is totally messed up.

They assure me they have called a tow truck which will be able to tow the trailer and load the truck on a flatbed. All was cool until 3 hours later the tow driver shows up who was supposed to be there in 45 minutes according to USAA. USAA sent me a link via text to show me the ETA of the tow truck, when I looked after 45 minutes to see where he was it said he was onsite, I called USAA again and asked them where the driver was because the text I got with his location says onsite but I assured them he was not onsite. They asked for the number of the driver from my text, I gave that to them and they tried calling.

When I looked deeper at the map on the text and zoomed out it showed that this was a tow truck driver in Ohio, mind you we're in Beaumont TX when all this happened. The USAA person got back on the phone, I told them the company they sent me was in OHIO and I'm in TX. They apologized and said it have been a glitch, but they did reach the driver and he was only out about 30 minutes. Again, I've waited 45 already, to get the glitch thing figured out was probably another 15 so now I'm on the side of the road with my wife who needs to use the restroom without anything in sight.

We waited of course because we have no options. So we wait the 30 they said he'd be there and again nobody shows up, call them again, they had no clue of the accident and I had to answer another 100 questions and explain the situation, my wifes car on a trailer, hit and run, my guns are loaded in my truck, I can't just Uber it somewhere with 5 rifles and all my luggage, wifes car is loaded down with stuff so we can't drive that. Anyhow, we wait and wait again until after 3 hours dude finally arrives. He had no idea about the trailer when he showed up.

So he calls dispatch to see if he should tow it. They call USAA and ask if they'll cover it and they said yes. He couldn't tow it right then and there so he had to go back for it. Now you might think this is the end but it's not.

Now the driver drops us off at a hotel which was great. We ask USAA to just have a repair company rip off the bumper, put a new rim and tire on and I'll finish my move, they said yes that's fine and they email me a list of STAR repair shops, the tow driver hauls the truck to the repair shop, they tell the repair company to do what I had asked to get back on the road and ensure the truck was safe to drive. USAA agreed to do this and just have us finish the repairs when we get to NC. The company takes three days patching us up and we hit the road but prior to this USAA didn't know if the truck was going to be repairable so they contacted enterprise to line up a rental, I told them that because of the trailer we'll need something that can pull the trailer.

They said yes we'll approve of getting an oversized truck that can pull a trailer. They assured me that they have a truck with enterprise lined up that I can tow with. I call enterprise and they tell me that they have a rental order from USAA and they'll have it ready the next day, I ask if I can tow the trailer, they said NO. They have no rentals that you can tow with.

I call USAA back and every time I do this I've got to tell the person I'm talking to the same story, hit and run, guns, stuck in Beaumont, I'm PCSing. It was monotonous by this point. I'm frustrated. Anyhow, we just ended up getting a car and now we can drive around for the 2 days we have the rental while we're stuck there hoping the repair company can fix my truck to get us on the road.

The repair shop calls me and tells me I can pick up the truck at the end of the day Friday. Cool, they fixed it enough for us to drive, we pay our $250 deductible because it was a hit and run. When I get to the shop the people were awesome and they did everything they could to get us back on the road. We finish our PCS and arrive in NC, we contact USAA to drop the truck off at another repair shop and they sent over an assignment order to a location.

When I get to the shop they have me sign a form and tell me it's a $500 deductible, I tell them I've already paid the deductible at the last repair shop. They asked me to call USAA which I did and had them on speaker, I go through 50 questions again and USAA says that they thought this was a new accident and that's why another deductible was required, I told them this was the same hit and run accident, not another accident and that I had already spoken to someone who gave us the OK to do this, they said they'd fix it and send a revised assignment to the repair shop. I leave and USAA lines up a rental, cool. Well this is still not the end, the repair shop does their estimate and sends it to USAA, they decided to total the truck out.

They send me a settlement agreement which is 6-7 k less than blue book, OK I'll do that but I'm not happy. I had new tires less than 24 hours old when the accident happened that cost me $1800. At this point I'm tired of all the drama with USAA, I go up to the repair shop to sign a release form and they tell me I owe $250 deductible. I was like you've got to be kidding me, I had to call again and explain the situation again.

Now because in TX when an insurance company offers you a settlement they'll only required to cover 7 days on the rental. USAA tells me they're going to overnight me a fedex package with some papers I need to sign so they can send me a check. OK, being I was in the middle of a move I told them where to send the package, after two days the package had not arrived, I called them to let them know, they said their mistake it went to the old address. They said they'll fix it and resend overnight, I asked about extending the rental and they said they would because they made a mistake which is now postponing my payout.

Now I wait again and no package was arrived overnight, I called them again and they said again it went the wrong address. I ask for another extension and they said they'll need a managers approval which it should happen that afternoon. The next day enterprise calls me and ask when I'm returning the car, I said I'm waiting to see because USAA was getting approval on the extension, they said OK but they needed me to go in that day because the car was already 3 days late, I asked them if they didn't receive the first extension and they said they had not. I call USAA telling them about the call and if the manager had responded about the extension that I was supposed to find out about, no but maybe today at the end of the day, again I didn't hear from them until the next day.

They approved me all the way up to the end of that day. WOW, thank you for sending the paperwork to the wrong address twice and now for cancelling my rental. I did end up getting the paperwork the same day my rental was due back and sent that back, I've still yet to receive my check which I was told would happen within the 2 days of me signing everything they sent. It's now been 4 days.

I can say complete chaos and I'm unhappy. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND BEING A MEMBER OF USAA FOR 12 YEARS, those words I will never forget because of how many times I had to call USAA about every day.

User's recommendation: I would not recommend USAA.

Location: Jacksonville, North Carolina

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