I recently spent some 5 or more hours trying to get USAA to communicate to me on a means in which I can communicate. For some unknown reason, I cannot receive Text messages from USAA.

Therefore, I cannot receive the 6 digit code required to access my account or reach those within USAA I wish to speak with.

I was able to get to Security finally and explained the issue. USAA personnel cannot do anything for me without a 6 digit code via Text, which I cannot receive. I requested multiple times to send it to me via email. Apparently USAA has no email address on record and required me to update my Profile and preferences which I cannot access without the 6 digit code.

Security said that all the persons I had previously spoke with have the authority to email me the code (which they told me that that means of communication is not within their authority), nor did they have my email on record. I have received emails from USAA in the past. Security told me that I would receive an email from Web Support (ticket # INC627****). I never received any email from that department nor anyone else with USAA.

I have not spoken to USAA for several days now because it is so frustrating.

I originally filed a claim and after finding through a third party Safelite, they were only going to pay $10 above my $250 deductible. I cancelled my claim and paid for the glass breakage myself.

I cannot have insurance with a company that cannot communicate without a 6 digit code and offers no other means in which to do so. I am sending this email to you so that you have my email address and will either communicate with me via telephone or email in the future and authorizes their personnel to do so in the same manners.

Please advise me of your intent to resolve this problem. You may reach me through email at pescador1985@***.com or at the phone number listed below.

I do not require a 6 digit code to communicate with.

I am sending this to Legal because I believe that this department may act upon my request.

Michael L. Wiley

User's recommendation: Verify all means in which USAA will communicate with you and their alternate means to do so should one or the other fail.

Location: Lamy, New Mexico

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