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Even tho I've been eligible to take advantage of USAA's services since 1983, I didn't become a customer till 2002 when I purchased personal injury and liability protection insurance for my vehicle. Since then I've increased my auto ins to include all the bells and whistles, added renter's insurance, purchased coverage for some jewelry and protected my firearms as well.

A few years ago someone was driving with their phone and ran me off the road into a utility pole. USAA was Johnny on the spot! I wanted for nothing. I didn't have to do anything.

My company took care of my every need and, since the car was a total loss, called me several times to check my well-being and remind me of benefits available thru my insurance.

I've been a consumer of several different insurance products and NO ONE else does that! They're all happiest when you are the only one forking out the cash.

If and when other ins cos cold call me, as soon as I tell them that I'm a USAA member they thank me for my time and hang up lol!

For all this I pay the gigantic sum of...

less than 65 bucks a month! Awesome.

On a side note, my brother and his family use USAA for ALL their monetary and financial needs including banking.

User's recommendation: I absolutely recommend USAA to everyone.

Location: Johnson City, Tennessee

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