I thought the above actions were completed last November. I found out when I ordered new checks approximately 2 months ago that my sister had not been added to the account.

I have since been going back and forth getting a new document, calling and of course talking to a different agent each time.

I am sick and tired of this very impersonal communication process you have set up for customers. We have been with USAA for almost 40 years. I need someone who knows how to fix this to call me this week. If I do not hear from a supervisor/manager by the end of this week I will close my checking account and cancel my auto insurance.

It used to be very easy to get things done with you but not anymore. I believe you have grown so large that you have forgotten about the necessity of supporting your customers.

User's recommendation: Don’t join USAA. They are not the company they once were.

Preferred solution: I want a phone call this week from a banking manager or supervisor who can add my sister to my checking account.

USAA Pros: Fairly reasonable rates.

USAA Cons: No one calling me back.

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Hopefully this issue has been resolved for you. I am going to the same grief.

It's been four months since my spouse died and I cannot get USAA to drop my husband from our accounts and add my children. as payable upon death (POD). I have spent days and many hours on the phone talking to numerous representatives and filling out many forms, most of them duplication of my previous efforts. They all talk a good story and promise it will be taken care of but it is never resolved.

Their process is broken. I cannot help to wonder how many other people are experiencing the same problem.

I suspect many of them are not aware and are assuming their accounts were correctly updated. USAA is not what it used to be!


Sounds like you are asking for the wrong thing. Need a new account.

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