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I was recently travelling in Bulgaria where I've traveled for several years without a problem. This time my ATM card did not allow me to withdraw cash in this country despite the fact that I had called prior to my trip to put a travel notice in my account.

Called USAA customer service from a small village in Bulgaria while sitting under a tree in the park. Did not appreciate at all having to wade through a lot of automated BS while trying to get to a person.Appreciated even less the extremely young customer service representative who tried to tell me some crap about my card being damaged or near a magnet! Here I am sitting under a tree in a foreign country surrounded by my baggage and no electricity, having to argue about magnets and card damage to a card that had been safely in my wallet for the entire trip! After I asked to speak to someone else with more authority, this person who sounded equally young, told me it was probably some problem on the Bulgarian Banks end with tighter regulations with the US, and not on the end of USAA so that they could do nothing!

Thank God I had a couple of hundred bucks in cash with me that I could change, because I was unable to use my ATM card for the entirety of my trip and this was really a problem.

My sister, BTW who banks with Citi Bank, and is also a US citizen was perfectly able to withdraw cash using her ATM card from her bank in the states. I do not appreciate the zero customer service from USAA who did nothing at all to fix the problem and especially do not appreciate that two different representatives tried to sell me two different BS crap stories instead of at least admitting that they didnt have a clue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Banking Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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