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I held USAA to a higher standard then State Farm or Allstate but I was sooooo wrong! Without telling me they dropped my claim and said I had to track down, call and fight the other insurance company myself instead of USAA handling the claim for me.

I've never heard of such a thing. When you are involved in an accident the last thing you wanna do is go to battle with the opposing insurance company to even see if they accept your claim let alone getting it fixed. I'm very upset and shocked at their lack of customer service.

SHAME ON YOU USAA!!!!! Off to find a new insurance carrier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

USAA Cons: Customer service is the worst.

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Oh, but you do not understand. NO insurance company, NOT ONE, is going to handle your claim when another party is at fault.

I've been in the business over 25 years. When you are hit and have no injuries or fault in the accident, your insurance has zero ability to handle the claim because they are not providing the coverage the at-fault party's carrier is responsible for.

Now, if you'd like to turn in your damage to your company, they will be able to use the COLLISION coverage you are paying for under your policy to cover your damages. Of course, your deductible will apply.

Once YOU have contacted the at-fault party's carrier and turned in a claim to them (very simple procedure) and they possibly deny the claim, then your carrier can get involved depending on what coverage you're paying for under your insurance. Possibly, uninsured motorist coverage may apply.

If you're injured, your medical coverage could come into play. No injuries, your company will not be involved.

Every company will help you find a phone number and advise you of the steps (extremely simple steps), but your company has no liability in this situation. Every company is going to require you get copies if police reports, estimates, and do a lot of leg work. Every company is there to determine damage value and write a check. If you're trying to receive payment, the burden of proof and your cooperation will be required.

It's spelled out in every policy. If you decide to allow your company to pay out under your collision coverage, they will determine if it is worth the cost to subrogate and attempt to recoup their losses and your deductible. There are no guarantees this will happen and it can take years. You may not understand, but your company is saving you your deductible and a major headache and a potential blemish in your claim record by advising you to make the claim through the other carrier.

If you don't mind potentially losing your deductible and you carry collision coverage, turn the claim in to your company. You'll still be responsible for legwork.

They are not your personal secretary. They are a company you pay to provide payment for damage.