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My premium for a 2015 mailbu and 1989 volvo is roughly $530.00. My premium history is to pay every six months.

Paid the premium then got an additional bill for $328.07, in the middle of the prepaid six month premium. This insurance company has taken advantage of its service members by raising the rates before and after insurance rate. I think this company has put a whole new different meaning to disable veterans. Sounds something like those banks who were busted by Elizabeth Warren, when they "specifically" targeted service members.

Don't listen to the Corporate Office they have a multitude of excuses. I live in Mississippi and they have increased my policy more than that 40%. No equality or a level across the board - selected older senior women and raised the price. So racial!

Now, my bill is $850.00, when it was $538.00 for a car in storage to one driveable 2015 Mailbu. But, I payed my premium and two months later had it put in storage, but received no refund for the difference. It was suppose to be cheaper.

Let's all leave USAA and find someone else and see what they do then. Angry customer


Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Premium Auto Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I was a USAA member since 1985. I am a senior woman.

Did the same thing. Also misapplied my home equity automatic payments to my auto loan payments, which are supposed to be automatic also (instituted by USAA), and they paid the car insurance instead AND started foreclosure proceedings on me because of the payments they misapplied.

Complain to the CFPB. PLEASE!


Simple: if you don't like the price, get a quote from another company. Comparison shopping is important for all types of insurance.