USAA touts itself as an insurance company for families of Military and Veterans. They are not.

First, they could not even do their job and submit the right forms to my state when I had an accident causing my license to be suspended. A form that should have been submitted first thing after the accident. Through an odd circumstance, I found out I had been driving on a suspended license and had no clue! This was 4 months after the accident and I was now having to follow up with them because of their incompetence!

Not only that but it took them 4 months to get a check issued for the vehicle in the accident and I was stuck dealing with the lender! Also, they dropped my family when my husband got in trouble with the law and had to do time. I might understand not servicing my husband any longer...even though he is an Army Veteran who put his life on the line for our country... However, to drop a whole family while they are already dealing with something this life-changing I believe is unacceptable!

They are already dealing with so much, even beyond the loss of a father and now being a single-parent home.

I would have expected a little support from a company that touts themselves as being for families, specifically military and veteran families. I would not recommend them and will not do business with them again.

User's recommendation: any other company.

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