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Working with USAA agents after our accident, a rear-end collision which was completely the other persons fault, has gone from hit or miss with agent help and professionalism, to strained with the back and forth and final acceptance of 'fair market value' of our vehicle after challenging the initial offer, to now a new low of complete lack of communication and mismanagement with handling the medical claims for my wife's physical therapy. As soon as USAA learned that we had sought legal counsel for handling the inevitable settlement toward the other party (Not USAA), their agents became very short and rude toward my wife.

Not answering questions without a sarcastic tone, and being very cryptic about the process and decisions that were either being made or were to be made. Apparently someone there in USAA determined an arbitrary number of visits my wife was authorized to attend and have covered, then not letting us know this, not communicating this to us, until well over a month of regular bi-weekly appointments that weren't getting paid suddenly, forcing us to call and inquire ourselves into the matter. Not one single claim message uploaded, nor call, to anyone. This USAA rep/medical claims specialist stated to my wife that documents were not received from my wife's Doctor, documents advising of the recommendation/necessary for repeat and follow-on care for a determined estimate of time, certainly much more than 8 sessions.

There was also no communication between this USAA rep and the doctor if there was any documentation needed. It seems USAA is violating its own policy by cancelling payment of claims regardless of Doctors orders or confirmations with our Doctor. To top it off a USAA rep now is hinting that we have an alarming bill that will be sent to our credit if we don't 'take care of it' due to treatment visits not being paid on our medical claim. When we have done nothing but do what we're told and wait for any instructions, somehow USAA's complete lack of communication and mismanagement of our documents, and medical interactions, is threatening to ruin our credit with some $8000 plus debt.

This is "knowing what it means to serve"? The attitude by their staff was as if we were just attempting to 'take advantage' of the system or something. -Because my wife really enjoys waking up at 530am to attend painful physical therapy appointments, ones that are very disruptive to her sleep (with a nursing infant) as well as work day schedule. She's physically exhausted from the multiple medical treatment appointments she diligently attends!

It's not bad enough that we've been dealing with this nightmare for months now, enduring the fact that my wife's body has been permanently damaged and now has to deal with that and its associated pain and physical limitations (not to mention mental trauma with driving) for the rest of her life...but now our agent is treating us like a common 'user' of USAA's claims handling for her personal gain? It's seriously ticked me off bad enough I severely question my will to stay with USAA as the carrier of our auto insurance, if not any other product we use. And I've been a loyal customer for well over a decade. To date, we still don't know what's going on, since the agents now say they can/will only communicate with our lawyer, instead of us directly.

Completely a shock, being treated this way from USAA. Word of mouth is important, our experience is important to their success. It doesn't help that Doctors and medical claims personnel at each facility speak to dealing with USAA as just about on par with Geico for terrible customer service and claims handling! That's certainly reassuring as we are going through this!

These are individuals that deal with multiple insurance agencies on a regular basis for medical claims. As you see here by our experience, it seems they are correct! Just so disappointing. USAA has been great to us in the past with other things throughout the years.

Is it too much to ask for a insurance company to handle a claim with no out-of-nowhere surprises or cheap penny-pinching/intimidation tactics? As with all great companies it seems, USAA seems to be cashing in on its 'false' image and trading customer focus with newer and more aggressive products to improve their bottom line..

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Customer service they used to have, Convenience of having all accounts with one bank.

I didn't like: New customer service, Stinginess with lending and cc interest rates, Medical claims specialists cancelling payment to claims, Loyalty nor rewarded with better rates or even loan approvals.

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Odd you mentioned sarcastic and that is exactly what my USAA auto claims agent Jackie Johnston was...she kept saying little jabs until I called her a sarcastic b****!! Then Kept on going with her remarks.

Sadly her supervisor Melinda was just as bad and even lied and said she heard the whole conversation. I asked "then as a supervisor why did you not intervene when she was so disrespectful to me"...still have yet to hear from Melinda's supervisor but I will be placing many calls until my claim gets handled correctly or yes I will be involving a lawyer!

21 years and absolutely no loyalty or quality service! I've already started switching my other services effective immediately after reading multiple reviews that are absolutely disgraceful!!!


Once YOU brought up a lawyer YOU changed the dynamics. Period.

I'm sure that if you think back you will find that their reluctance to communicate with you started when YOU brought up legal representation. Once you say "Lawyer" there is an entirely different process that MUST go into effect.


USAA is very proud of how their expenses are 28% vs 40% industry average. That executive level statistic has been distributed throughout the company and employees live by it.

They will use any tactic whether it is legal or illegal. I could go further but will leave it for another day.

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