bought a brand new dodge ECO Diesel from the dealer. On the first fillup the gas station sold diesel fuel mixed with premium gas after taking it to the dealer and finding out what the problem was .

So I called USAA and told them what happened and that it would cost well over 12,000 dollars to bring my truck back to working order .I have a slip from the station and conformation from the the fuel company who supplied the faulty fuel that it was not my fault . But after a day and multiple calls to usaa I was told its not our (usaa's) fault . Thanks alot uass for taking my money and not covering accidents that is what it was .

I will tell everyone I know who is a vet that usaa sucks and stay away from them. The dealer told me they have a couple a month with this issue usually its the owners fault and insurance covers it this is the first that this dealer has heard of an insurance company not covering it

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

Location: Caledonia, Michigan

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auto insurance doesn't cover mechanical & engine problems


I would think that the gas station or fuel supply company was at fault and THEIR insurance should cover it. I agree with USAA on this.

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