U.S.A.A is one of the worse so-called insurance companies in America besides TransAmerica, Farmers, State Farm, Nationwide and so on. U.S.A.A doesn't mind consuming the hard-earned premium money from customers.

Yet, they never want to pay a loss. They are worse than many other large companies and they have a pattern of cheating their insureds. They are bigots and don't realize that their day will come just like other companies that pushed the people they allegedly insure under the bus. Also, Judy Kimbel in homeowners claims, the so-called elite squad, is so shamefully disguising.

Words can't fit her deceit, rudeness and waste of energy. She could be a closet alcoholic just by the way she screams at clients. She must hate herself. I don't know how people like her sleep with at night.

I imagine they sleep during the day when they should be servicing clients.

May GOD have mercy on the souls of people like her, Joanna Terry and so many other U.S.A.A employees like Brent, who said he was an adjuster. Also, companies like U.S.A.A who don't care who sees their bigotry, generally, belong to hate groups such as ALEC as well.

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Homeowners Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: For U.S.A.A.

USAA Cons: Customer service is the worst.

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I agree. USAA has gone down hill.

Customer service does NOT service customers. Been with them for over 30 years.

Left and went to GEICO. Better for it and saving over $1,500 anyear on homeowners with better coverage


Drugs are bad. Your post is worse.

All I could figure out is somehow everyone at USAA was rude to you.... but what’re the odds that they’re ALL rude?

The common denominator is you. Maybe if you’d quit acting like a mental patient and berating people, over the phone, who just want to pay you so you go away, you’d have better experiences.


More lies about USAA. By the way, claims adjusters are mostly independent.

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