My vehicle was rear ended in the middle of Jan.Filed proper papers and went through USAA to get estimate.

# weeks later adjuster showed up. Wrote up estimate, had me to agree or disagree, I agreed. That was on Feb. 6 2014.

Haven't heard or will they return my calls. It is Feb. 23 and I don't know what to do. Is this how your company prospers, by not paying out, I think so.

Below is all info.

Adjuster: Michael Jenkins. Claim:027839048000000001002

Driver: Dustin Sandage.

USAA is oweing me at this time 847.00.But your people are dodging me.

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Our people are not dodging you.You have to go their web site to do your complaining.

This is a general complaint site, for people to let others know about problems that they are having with a business. Did you call the police to the accident site.

If you did, I would think there wouldn't be any problem, unless you were the one at fault.

to anonymous Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #829895

"Our people"!Why are you anonymous here if you're with the company?

How do you know they are not dodging them?They have dodged me before and if your'e going to complain you think it should be on THEIR web site...yea, right!

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