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I was slammed by a USAA member on April 4th. My car was completely totalled and unable to drive, besides that I was trapped in my car!

2 months later they haven't even addressed what they owe me. And after denying liability, contrary to the crash report, then low balling my cars worth, they then finally called my attorney and said they were only paying half! I know the Texas policy limits, it covers my cars full worth. And I'm paying rental out of pocket!!

Because they felt it was totally responsible to say "we can't approve a rental at this time ". Truly terrible, dishonest company. Its not my fault that i was hit, i didn't ask for my car to be totalled. I didn't want any of this crap but they treat you like a Criminal when you simply ask for what you are owed.

They try to wear people down by dragging it out. My only advice, get a Knowledgeable attorney ASAP.

This company is Awful! I feel bad for their clients because since they aren't paying me i plan to sue her directly...

Product or Service Mentioned: Usaa Auto Insurance.

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USAA is good for its insurance policy holder, because of the lower insurance payment. However, USAA is terrible to the client who has the accident to the USAA holder.

USAA does not pay the reasonable cost to the client, such as less rental cost, less charge on the collision center, etc. This mean that you should pay your out of the pocket money, instead of USAA money.

Please try not to have the accident with USAA policy holder. This is only way.

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