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Thank you USAA for not believing in me, for not giving me a second chance, for not being there when I thought I could count on you!

My credit history is not perfect, I agree, but I want to let you know that I tried to keep it perfect. I, like the rest of the Americans had a dream, to buy my first home. I worked my hardest to keep my credit perfect and when I finally had perfect credit, I jumped in like the rest to buy a home because prices were going out of my reach. I realized the financial system of this country had robbed me of my dream. And then it was downhill. But, I never gave up! I never gave up on my family and dream.

I tried and saved every dollar and with the help of GI Bill housing stipend, I was able to purchase my current home for cash, all this while raising a family. I borrowed money from friends and family to fix my new home. They believed in me that I could do it. I reimbursed all of them.

I financed my 2012 Toyota Yaris from Ally financial, a bank that never has done business with me. Strange huh!! But, you know what? I think they believed in me that I could do it.

I may have been unfaithful to my creditors, but do you really think I should accept the ENTIRE blame for the situation I had got myself these past several years? Do you really?

I went to you to refinance my Toyota Yaris auto loan, NOT apply for an auto loan, nonetheless you denied me! I have been doing business with you for so many years and you didn’t even take a moment to think it out!

You spent $230,000 on a game, Army vs Navy football game, and you can’t even refinance my $12,000 auto loan? I am just lost for words……

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Your credit sucks and a bank won't give you loan; however, it's everyone else's fault.


You're welcome.

to USAA Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #829902

You know, this pity party tale is a little bit much but, if the above "you're welcome" really is from USAA, you should be ashamed of yourself.

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