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After a total loss of a car, I received an estimate for the value of the car, and of course they subtracted the deductible ($1000). A low estimate, for sure, but not ridiculous. Then they docked $500 because of some dings in the car. But those dings were from previous damage that I'd never claimed- so I felt USAA should either pay me on those previous claims, or re-instate the $500. I called and was told that if I filed those previous claims, that it would not impact the total loss settlement amount. That was a lie. Instead, for two claims, they gave me a small check ($400, for a $1400 damage I believe minus deductible for one, and the other was about $1000 so zero after the deductible). Then they subtracted $2400 from the total loss offered.

They told me this over the phone. When I asked for it in writing, I heard nothing back. For months. With repeated emails, voicemails, and live messages for other agents NOTHING IN WRITING. NO response.

Finally, they responded but refuse to listen to the recording of the representative telling me that it won't impact my total loss. They seem unconcerned with fairness, customer service, or telling the truth.

I have trusted USAA for more than 25 years, and used to feel that they treated me fairly but have started to see other members who say that recently they've really taken a turn for the worse. I recommend others who are trusting USAA based on experience with USAA 5 10 or more years ago to reconsider.

Reason of review: Lies to me..

Monetary Loss: $9500.

Preferred solution: Pay the actual value of the car, minus the deductible..

I didn't like: What they have become, Customer service representative.

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Hey "Anonymous" if you weren't a company shill, you'd have your real name there. You and USAA are a joke.


If you "hear" negatives about USAA on this website, they need to be taken with a huge grain of salt. Over half of the posts on the site are bogus. USAA continues to be top rated and recommended.


You could take them to court but you would have to weigh the cost of doing this. USAA not as it once was from what I hear---rates not that great compared to others and terrible customer service.

Best to shop for better insurance.

The best insurance is the one(s) where you have an actual agent in your area whom you can visit or call locally. Buying insurance from a company with nothing but a large call center staffed with foreign reps is problematical, at best.

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