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USAA Fraud Dept did nothing to recoup stolen credit card

My credit card has been compromised 3 times. 2 of the times I did all leg work to recoup the money for USAA. The did absolutely nothing. I was able to stop delivery of a $686 smart phone. I also tracked down the individual that stole my daughter's college credit card. The 3rd one I was not able to solve because it was online airline tickets. The young lady that stole the credit card was arrested and had to pay back the money. I called USAA and they said that I had to send the check to them even though they didn't do anything because the police were involved. Heck, I could have been dishonest and kept the check. They never would have even known about it. When I told them that, they said that I would then be defrauding USAA. Give me a fricking break!!!!!
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Did USAA pay you for the amount of the loss? If so then they have the right to ask for the money back, but if they didn't pay anything then why would you have to send it back? Next time turn it into your credi card company you only have to pay the first $50.00 of a stolen card if anything...

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Dayton, Ohio

Worst customer service.

If you are looking for good customer service and fast claim service, do NOT call USAA. They never anwser their phones and won't call you back and it takes 3 days for them to anwser their emails. Our truck was hit over 6 weeks ago and we still don't have the money! They offered us $2500 dollars below blue book value and refuse to even talk to us! They have now posted the dollar amount that they are paying us and it is $200 dollars short from the amount they said we would get. Unless you enjoy being screwed over, look for a different company.
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You are correct, I'd be happy to pay a little more for great customer service.

USAA has poor customer service and response to needs.


Pay a little more and get a reputable company. I swear by State Farm, they have local agents to deal with, you can go to their office if you have a problem.

They have always treated me right. I would stay away from any insurance you have to e-mail.

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Mobile, Alabama

USAA Insurance-Customer Service Is Broken

I have been a long time member (20 plus years) of USAA Bank; Insurance-both Home & Auto. I have come to the conclusion that something is seriously broken in their Customer Service Operations. I get attitude when I call to complain about the lack of service I feel I am getting. Isn't that what Customer Service is there for? To service the customer? The notion seemed lost on "Shaydee" in the Home Insurance Claims Dept. She actually talked over me. With 30 plus years in Customer Service myself, I know when I receive good service and I know very well when I don't. This has been the only consistent when I have tried to get USAA to pay on a home burglary claim I filed 2 months ago! That's right TWO MONTHS- I HAVE BEEN LOOKING AT A BROKEN WINDOW; TWO KICKED IN BEDROOM DOORS-WITH NO RESOLUTION IN SIGHT. I am so disgusted with my USAA Insurance, I will tell every single person I can to NEVER insure with them. I can never get my adjuster on the phone, not once in two months of my calling, has he ever picked up the phone. Then to have his lackies run interference- "Shaydee" was just plain useless. They may as well have an auto-attendant as her people skills were virtually non-existent. When I tried to ask questions, she actually talked over me....never once did I hear "Oh, I'm sorry for you trouble..." She lacks the empathy skills required in a tru Customer Service Professional. She could only say that my adjuster was obviously too busy to talk with me personally. WTF???? I could only laugh at some of her responses as she had not a clue how to perform her job.
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I too had the same exp with USAA home insurance, I had a rifle stolen out of truck and they said since my name wasnt on the policy and my wifes name was, that they werent going to cover my property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANOTHER COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


USAA Customer Service used to be top notch. It is now aweful.

I am NOT a valued customer anymore. They seem to be utlizing 3rd parties now to "sell" on behalf of them. Their martgage dept is not even USAA. You get transferred to a third part who is NOT employed by USAA and treats you like a number.

In the past I stuck with USAA because of the service, I have no loyalty to them anymore. Something has gone terribly wrong with leadership.


I just recently started yelling at them, any good e-mail addresses or phone numbers? its taking 5 days without my car just to get it looked at, needless to say I'm pissed.


i will tell you why cs sucks with usaa, the cs reps are worked to death, its supposed to be the best place to work. but let me tell you if your not selling ,your nothing to usaa.

even one of the directors said if you miss a day your nothing to the company.

its all about the numbers. employees are a dime a dozen with usaa :cry


If this helps anyone know that USAA Has No Customer Service Training.. Works for the Best of that company..

and full of *** Get a different insurance company.

Just a thought... Maybe we should send them to fight the war and not their customers....


mortage department: Worst customer service I have ever received and incompetent processers. Not what I have experienced in pAst with USAA. Also, I could not find out how to complain to someone above any of the workers.


Our truck was hit by a rolling boulder, (which we have no recourse with the TN DOT for because that is a pretty common-place thing I guess?) damaging the frame. After much calling and no returned calls, finally USAA told us where to take it.

Months went by while the shop was finally told by USAA to perform the estimated $11K+ damage including a new frame from Detroit. The vehicle is worth $25K new, resale value is stated at $17K. We weren't sure why they did not total the vehicle. The repairs were completed, but the truck ran badly afterward, with grinding noises in front and rear end, transmission slips when in tow mode and steering column probs that were not previously there.

Shop said they recognized it was not running as it should be (replacing a frame would involve a lot of idiosyncrasies), the adjuster apparently told USAA that the issues were not related to the accident. The truck ran great before the accident. They are now saying that we can take it to a dealer for a second opinion, but they don't intend to do anything for us. Furthermore, the adjuster made a comment 'Didn't you say the transmission was slipping before the accident' (NO!

WHAT is THAT?). USAA customer service treats you like the enemy, has no intention of making things right, it doesn't mater that you have been a customer for 11+ years! We contacted an attorney, who said that we can only take action if they settle the claim out and the vehicle is still a 'lemon'. Why didn't they total it in the first place?

If they want to fix it, fine, but why don't the FIX it? Please give us some good advice! They have made it clear that they don't intend to make it right, and there is no professionalism in this company!! We have been without the truck for almost 4 months, he needs it for work as he is a contractor.

C'MON already! WHAT RIGHTS DOES THE CONSUMER HAVE? When is it a 'Bad Faith' insurance claim? GOT GOOD ADVICE?

PLEASE HELP! aprildawnwelsh@***.com :cry


I had a friend spill beer on his computer and told the adjuster this, the home owners insurance put the money for the computer in his account in 2 hours.

In afghanistan we were robbed while living in a tent and they covered all the losses with complete honesty. BEST COMPANY EVER. Very friendly too.


USAA OVERALL SCAMS, CHEATS AND LIARS.....illegal practices, terrible customer service and a complete rip off to the public...STAY AWAY


I am currently habing a bad experience with my auto claim. I am now in month three, and had my first hiccup 2 months ago when apparently my claims adjuster stopped working at the company and they failed to take any action on my claim. I only got this information after multiple calls and being passed around to multiple CSR's.

At one point, I finally asked for a supervisor who told me that the person handling my claim no longer works for the company. I was then told my claim was complete, however 2 weeks later I get a letter in the mail stating that I need to send in more documents, documents related to my medical bills. They claim to have never gotten the amounts of my bills, yet the letter they send me asking for the information has all of the amounts for my bills printed on it, with the hospital information listed as well.

I am still in the process of this claim and mailed the "last" of the required documents in yesterday.

Here's hoping they turn things around soon, because I have not experienced one bit of the great customer service they are purported to have.

One last thing: don't think that putting the requested call times on their request for support option on their website means anything, because they have yet to call me at a time I request, and then when I sent in an email stating as such and requesting a call between specific times, they send me an canned email back in response telling me that I can call them whenever is convenient.

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Reston, Virginia
Usaa Homeowners Insurance

USAA is a bit rough

usaa insurance is a bit rough. in september of 2009 we had a fire loss on our home. overall i thought they did us ok. on contents i beleive they did fine. yet on structure they assigned an adjuster that played games with the numbers and treated us like fools. still in a battle with them due to it all. in the mean time we had to purchase a different home because of it all even tho they did not pay for us to purchase another home or rebuild our 5 year old house that was totaled in the fire..
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Mayfield, Kentucky


every month usaa calls me and my husband starting 4-5 days before the due date and they demand that we pay over the phone or run down and western union our auto pmt to them. the excuse, they don't believe you when you say that you mailed it are going to pay it online....oh yeah and you have to threaten them to get the website info.....they threaten to take my truck every month, even though I am never late.....they are the worst finance company I have ever had....big mistake...I was told by one employee that I should go and finance my truck with someone else, then he laughed and said oh never mind you can't, your credit is so bad you are lucky we loaned you any money at all......
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I have been with USAA for 7 years now and have NEVER had a problem with them. ;)


I have been a very happy member of USAA for over 20 years and have never had a negative interaction with them. Any problems were fixed with complete accuarcy and professionalism.

I'm sorry your encounters have been so negative and I'm sure there is another side to this story.

In the coming year I wish you a better payment history and subsequent higher FICO score. ;)

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Livingston, New Jersey

The past year USAA Customer service has went down

I have been with USAA for 6 years and the first five were great. But this last year USAA has went down on customer service. I have applied for 4 loans and be declinded all 4 times from USAA but the three that were turned down by USAA was approved by Service One. USAA states it knows what it means to serve but they can not prove it by me. I think they need to do a consumer check and see the difference they are doing wrong. I have since left USAA and taken my business else where. I think USAA has done nothing more than use the thinking it is all about the money not the customer. Because after I got a decline of credit from them they call and the rep stated that they have to watch out for their interest. And that all late payments that were made two years ago on closed account also was used to base their decission. Tell me what would you do after that and another bank stated we can help. USAA will lose more and more customers and then what is their intrest going to be like.
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Who Know, apparently you can't read.If I had your address I'd send you one of my financial calculators since you apparently don't know how to count. Thanks to Veronica for pointing out your error,


Dear TONYINSATX, it is obvious that USAA is now more than happy to take on higher risk clients. Most unfortunate.

They have instantly lowered themselves below the likes of Allstate and State Farm in Florida. They have increased the premiums by 12% to their loyal customers to finance this latest expansion.



Opps:) I meant January 6, 2009.


To: "Who know"

You need to learn how to read the date. The first post was made on January 1, 2009.


tony you are wise to reply to a 3 year old post maybe he is still reading this.


I was just reading your complaint and just had to comment, given the recession that we're in. It sounds like turning you down was the right thing for USAA to do.

Late payments are a sign of financial stress and/or financial irresponsibility and they factor into one's credit score. Also banks that had loose lending standards made loans to folks who ended up having financial stress and/or were financially irresponsible and that is mainly what has caused the recession that we're in. The majority of those folks defaults on their loans or couldnt keep up w/payments causing the issue. If they had never been approved this would not have happened.

The banks that approve loans to folks that are irresponsible are just giving them rope to hang themselves with. I've been turned down for loans before as well, but if that hadn't happened I'd be up to my eyeballs in debt now. Thank God I'm not and my family is ok.The only times one should take out a loan is 1) when buying a home and 2) MAYBE taking one out to pay for college. Everythingelse should be paid via CASH.

Personally I'm happy that some companies like USAA choose NOT to take higher risk.

Can you imagine what would happened if EVERY bank approved most loan apps and THEN the defaults happened? We would not be in a recession, we'd be in GREAT DEPRESSION II!

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Bloomington, Indiana
Usaa Credit Card

Usaa insurance screwing me

I was hit by a usaa member. company wants to total my truck for cosmetic damage. And wants to give me a salavage title. damage not that bad still can drive my truck. No frame damage. wants to pay $1200 dollars for my truck, worth more than that. People at ussa no help, never return phone messages. now i'm up to a supervisor still no answers. will back you back. they tell to talk to the state, do that then they say the state didn't tell that. have to call you back need to research more. this is a pain tring to do all this plus work. the accident wan't my fault and i'm paying for it in the long run
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I was hit by driver who was cited by police her fault was able to drive away took to my mechanic est is about 733. +body work around 500 usaa called and told me total loss didnt make since since their estimate is higher than my estimate. I told them unacceptable the rep on phone told me i would have to sue them and hung up on me i have got my insurance progressive involve at this time would appreciate any advice


So you forgot to mention year make and model and how many miles are on this truck. Insurance companies don't MAKE you take a salvage title.

You had to have told them you want to retain the truck for this to be an option.

Sounds like the 1200 bucks is minus the salvage value which tells me your truck must be older with some miles on it which at that point doesn't take much total with or without frame damage. Just a guess since I'm sure there is more to this story.


Be sure to jot down the name of the representative with whom you are discussing the insurance problem. Next, put all complaints in writing.

Try to solve at the local level. If this does not occur, try the national office. If you receive no help, write a letter to your state insurance Board with a list of the date and reps.

File a formal complaint. Good luck!

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Dallas, Texas


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Hey ***, you know you have a payment due no matter where the bill is going

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Apple Valley, California
I have been a member with USAA for over 40 years. They used to be a good loyal and trustful company.But in the last 10 years they have been greedy and terrible with their costumers. I just had dammage to my house from Hurracane IKE. Not only it took them over a month...
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I have been dealing with USAA about some financial investments I am making (entrusting my money to) with them. My experience so far with them is causing me some suspicions that they will NOT be there for me at the time of a property loss (fire, etc).

They have been courteous, but have made some major goofs in handling the investment -- amateurs!! Because of THEIR mistake causing me loss of interest, they will not stand by them and reimburse me for the mistake THEY made. Not good.

I am looking for another insurance company with good reviews to insure my home and automobiles. I don't trust them anymore.

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Houston, Texas
Usaa Mortgage

USAA rips people off

Woman hits me not only does she have usaa but she is an agent with them USAA sucks fails to pay for damages to my truck even though police report says it was her fault bmw fails to yield i hit her police report even states that she failed to yield and that she was in a hurry to pick up her kid i have 2 witnessess in my truck who saw her fail to yield not just that she lies to officer says her friend was behind her and saw the whole accident no one was behind her their was no one their usaa says they wont cover the damages to my truck did you see the old people on you tube that they also ripped off?? Another one of their insured hit them and they wont cover them either! TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE 2 1/2 years ago one of their insured pulled out of a side street also failing to yield he got the ticket he admitted fault my children and neice were hurt in the accident to this day they have not paid a dime in medical, car or any other damages and their guy admitted fault and their was an officer their at the scene who helped me get my kids out of the truck incredible this company continues to screw people over i have a neighbor who told me he was drinking alchohol and caused damages to his bmw he has usaa as insurance he tells us that he was under the influence hit a slick road and caused damage to his car and blamed it on someone else usaa went after a totally innocent driver got the money from them to cover their guy when it was their guys fault our neighbor goes on to say that it sucks for us but usaa will weasle their way out of everything
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They want you to get a lawyer. Most insurers do not deal with a victim directly. Sad, but true.


USAA will gladly take your money while waving flags and vets and apple pie but they are as nasty as can be if an accident occurs.

If you are a vet beware- get State Farm instead.


I have been a member for over 40 years and I let a lot of things slide but no longer. I have been burned on investments, found problems with the banking, been lied to by insurance agents, had to report USAA to the local department of insurance and found many problems with USAA.

Get real -- USAA is not the same insurance company it was 20-40 years ago. It is a different company. It is a cutthroat company and it is much more expensive than other insurance companies. The agents will lie to you.

Face it. It is not the same company that they used to be. They are mainly interested in making money. They censor my comments on their reviews and will not print anything that is negative except about once a month.

All my reviews have been censored.


Don't let these people throw you off. I've been covered by USAA my whole life and when I got into an accident and totaled my 2000 Ford Mustang, which had blue book value of $3,500 at the time, they wrote me a check for $10,500 and called it a day.

This whole process took about a week. The agents were very timely in returning my calls and they were extremely helpful.


haha this company has been screwing me. i have been trying to pay my payment for the past two months and they wont let me.

They keep telling me they have received the money when it was never withdrawn from my account.

Who would have guessed that these retards associated with the military would be better than a real company? haha


Total *** USAA cannot be trusted for anything other than to take your money and NOT pay out on claims as needed.

To *** with USAA....worst company ever and I've been with them over 36 years.


I've been with USAA for over 20 years with no problem until recently. I have personal property insurance that I pay for every month but as soon as I placed a claim for a loss of a chocolate and white diamond necklace, they canceled me!!!!!

All because they said my actual date of loss was wrong!!! How the *** would they know? They never paid me yet they chose to cancel my personal property, my homeowners, AND my auto insurance even though the last two had nothing to do with it.

I did NOT make a false claim, I DID lose the necklace, and I've concluded that they just didn't want to pay my. I despise them and they way they run their company!!!!


The reason why the company is going down the hole is because the company is squeezing its employees. have you ever noticed when you call you are almost sold something.

yup, and if the employee doesnt sell you enough..regardless of tenure..your fired.

they get written up and placed on process improvments plan for not saying certain words. that is how it is...and so yea..the service a lot of times is good bc with weekley performance will get picked to be placed on some sort of pip.


usaa sucks rips people off lets innocent children get hurt by their drivers :(

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Phoenix, Arizona

USAA Bankruptcy Issue

USAA gave me the same song and dance about bankruptcy. They said because I crossed state lines (go figure, you have to MOVE in the military!) they were terminating my policy, and I was told I had two weeks to find a new policy. Nevermind the fact I have been a USAA member for over 10 years. Ironically, they told me the same thing, that "the supervisor was in a meeting." It took over 24 hours for that "supervisor" to call me back, and she informed me that I need to just deal with it, it's USAA's policy. I cannot understand why they are just going to dump a long-standing customer because I have to PCS. With that kind of customer service, I happily switched to Allstate and got more policy for less than I payed USAA. Best of luck with pushing your inquiry higher; I will never recommend USAA to anyone if asked.
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I was a USAA member for over 40 years and found them to be deceptive, to lie and contradict themselves. I am sorry but I have had a bad experience with them.


To the gentleman who changed to Allstate, "Good Luck". I was walking through a Sears store one day when an Allstate sales rep stopped me and inquired about my insureance carrier.

I told him I had USAA and he said "Never mind, I cannot compete with them. I have been with USAA for 44 years, and will never change. They insured my children when they couldn't afford insurance anywhre else.

This is my company. Love it or leave it, I don't really care.


I came to this site by typing in USAA complaint. I notice people here that want to defend USAA.

Since when did a person that was happy with the service they got from a company visit a complaint site?

You are ghost writers and liars that get "paid" by USAA to do damage control. USAA does NOT take care of the military.


Major Ivy you are a ***. USAA was started by officers and now another officer wants to defend them.

USAA does not take care of our military. They almost demand that all business you have with them be set up by automatic withdrawal from "YOUR" checking account. It is *** to give "any" company the right to withdrawal money from your account. You loose control of your own money when you do this.

USAA does not want to pay out on anything. I had wind damage to my home from tornadoes and to this day I have not been able to get my roof fix, due to waiting and waiting, and waiting some more on USAA. So Major Ivy you "don't want to pay for my mistake".. When did it become my mistake when a tornado touched down in my housing area?

When is it somebody else mistake when they have any damage to a home? That is why you buy home insurance you ***. :?

Now on the original comment about USAA and Bankruptcy. If you ever have to file bankruptcy you are better off walking away from USAA all together.


Am going through something with them as well. One of their adjustors let us stay in water damage and flood for 5 days and now they do not want to pay damages.

They are stalling on payments. Any suggestions.


My policy is great. I love USAA.They care about me and my situation and just like the military they go by the rules.

Come on people you know they are right. USAA is a member owned company. I'm sorry but i dont want to pay for your mistakes.

So yeah go to Geico so my refund check can get bigger because of less claims. And PS you get more discount because there fee's are higher.


I too was upset with USAA after we got our renewal policy. It was going up again!!

The last 6 month policy in October 2008 had nearly doubled already due to our 16 year old son getting his license. I can see that. our premium for 6 months was $1400 for three vehicles all full coverage and our teenage driver. now they want $1703 for the new premium.

Nothing has changed, our deductables were at the highest ($1000) we have had no tickets, no accidents no nothing!! That is a huge increase! The rep on the phone told me it depends on your state and in our state there are a lot of accidents and occurances. So we are punished for others mistakes?

He also stated that USAA has to keep up its business by increasing the rates. I gave Geico a call and for the sames coverages we are now paying $1330 every 6 months, same coverages as we had with USAA. Very big difference. We were with geico a few years back then went to usaa.

Well geico is cheaper and I was told our premium wont go up unless of course we have accidents or traffic convictions. I do no reccommend usaa, go for Geico especially if you are military retired military or government worker, they give more discounts!!

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Wichita, Kansas
Usaa Claim

USAA Insurance

The whole experience using USAA MoversAvantage and related services has been horrible. We are in the final stages of signing off on a real estate deal using exclusive USAA services and when we are about to finalize the USAA loan and USAA insurance needed to close the deal USAA decides it does not want to insure any more houses in the county the county we put a down payment on a house. (shown to us by the USAA Real Estate agent). This is coming from the company that solicited us to use their Real Estate Relocation Service, use their USAA mortgage Company and their USAA insurance. We really have a feel like USAA is abandoning us on this deal since we put a down payment on the property and are Expats overseas trying to relocate back to the U.S. Now we have to find another mortgage company and insurance company (from overseas)! This is very aggravating to say the least. I guess being loyal to USAA customer over the last 23+ years has no bearing on USAA's decision to leave us hanging like this. I would think most USAA members would be shocked to know that a company they grew to trust, a company who pride themselves to be loyal to it's members and who we exclusively used over the past 23 years for all insurance, banking and investment would treat their members in such a manner. Sometimes company's have to take a look past the $$$ they "might be exposed" to and look at the goodwill and relationships with their customers. USAA has lost allot of Goodwill in this instance and I am very disappointed with their lack of support to us Expats trying to relocate back to the U.S. So if you find yourself in the same situation beware of what USAA promises and do not assume they got your back covered... they are just like all the big insurance companies that look at the bottom line before customer service.....
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We too have had a horrible experience with USAA Home owner's Insurance. After writing us a Policy in February they sent us a cancellation notice that they can no longer insure homes in our area for various and sundry reasons.

Then to add insult to injury they withdraw a three month advance on the Premiums which the Bank says I cannot recover.

Great way to treat a Vet and his family. Thanks USAA.


We are having the second issue with USAA on our homeowners coverage. For the second time I feel like we are being defrauded. It starts off with lets take a look at your coverage, to no you are not covered, and when you fight them on it they say you are in a gray area and their legal department has to take a look at it. What is the sense of having insurance if your company will not help you when you need to utilize the coverage we pay for?

I'm getting the feeling that they're trying hard to minimize any risk exposure on the property and casualty side, and given the general economic situation it's not hard to theorize why. I'm sure that their investments have tanked like everyone elses, and they're feeling cash-poor as a result.

The part that upsets me is that USAA is a member-owned company, so there are no shareholders to consider. In essense, since I'm a long-time member, I've been a stockholder for over ten years. I feel that they're clamping down unnecssarily hard on risk exposure, to the detriment of their members. Bottom line is that people keep telling me that they are not the company they once were and that we are better off going elsewhere for better quality, lower costing services from companies who will actually do their job should you need their assistance.

Right now we wait to see what they are going to determine while we determine how it is best to proceed with them from here.

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Yellville, Arkansas
Usaa Mortgage
A USAA insured pulled out from a private drive and my son hit it. A Corpus Christi Police Officer saw the accident and issued a ticket to the USAA driver. My truck was totaled and USAA offered to settle the loss for 50% and a few days of rental. USAA never questioned...
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I was rear ended on 12/18/2018 by a 18yr old that has never had licenses in the state of NC NEVER TOOK A DRIVERA ROAD TEST OR ANYTHING!!! And she was driving an USAA INSUREE’S car they still have not settled with my lawyer company should be shut down !! Pissed

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San Antonio, Texas

USAA - don't get hit by their insureds

A USAA insured plowed into my garage in the parking garage of my building. I got an estimate for a new bumper ($1,035.00). The USAA adjuster looked at my car, told me I didn't get a new part for the car, even though the car had never been in an an accident, told me the car repair place which gave me the estimate was dishonest and encouraged me not to go there (violation of the law), and gave me an estimate $400.00 less than the original estimate I got. Lesson to be learned here - USAA won't treat you fairly. Beware!!!
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I cam home to theft in March of this year and contacted USAA. Its now almost September and they keep giving me the run around.

For the collectibles that were stolen I had a company affiliated with USAA called American collectibles. I am also getting the run around there. USAA has provided me with 6 Agents and I had to tell my story 6 different times. They are clueless.

Assurant has taken the collectibles claim and has also given me the runaround. Unreal what they let these insurance crooks do.


USAA LET MY KIDS GET INJURED BY ONE OF THEIR INSURED 2 1/2 years and still have not paid medical bills, or any other damages! Their guy got the ticket their was even an officer their and they have never EVEN MADE AN OFFER!!! USAA WILL LET THEIR DRIVERS INJURE YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND NOT EVEN PAY FOR THE DAMAGES DONE MY DAUGHTER WILL HAVE A SCAR FOREVER FOR THE INJURY SHE HAS

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Denver, Colorado
Usaa Auto Insurance

USAA service

I have noticed that the service at USAA whether banking, insurance, etc has gotten worst in the past few years.Their favorite saying is "sorry" and they all sound as if they are reading a script when they talk with you. Even the supervisors sound like robots. I would change companies but I'm afraid the service everywhere is going downhill. It use to be a top company regarding service, but no more.I am going to research and see if it is true that they are out scourcing their phone calls. I also suggest (where legal) we start recording our conversations with USAA so we have proof of what is being told to us.
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I would like to say my experience with USAA has always been very satisfactory and positive. They handle everything on the phone, as there is no local office in the Norfolk, VA area.

Even though all is handled by phone, they have a claims adjustor at the body shop who has been extremely FAIR with all my families' auto claims. USAA was extremely fair to us with homeowner's insurance claims after Hurricaine Isabell a few years ago.

My family has been with USAA for fifty years and I have had auto insurance for fifteen years. They have been very reasonable on the insurance rates, and no one can touch them including State Farm, Geico, Progressive. A company that is extremely fair with their customers as well as providing top notch professional and always courteous service on the phone means I am a loyal customer forever.

Recently I had to make a large charge on my credit card, and USAA helped in that regard, with a large line of credit.

I have excellent credit and a very good rating with my insurance company, USAA. I recommend the company without reservation to all those who are eligible for membership.

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