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Great product, terrible service. Incident list: USAA hangs up on you in the middle of talking because they are done talking. That was not a disconnect. They argue with you and are never polite even though you are polite and stating facts only. They sound angry on the...
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Usaa is on the way out. They have determined at what point in a members career, and at what vehicle age the income available vs the profitability of the account crosses.

After that point they will do anything in their power to dump the account, total the car, refuse the claim. Had a claim at 10% of bluebook, usaa tried to total the car instead of paying for the claim.

Damage to vehicle was 1/10th of 1% physical damage. Due to disparity between body shop labor rates, usaa may total your car for the price of a tail light assembly plus install labor.

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#310838 Review #310838 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Huntington Beach, California
Usaa Auto Insurance

USAA says they know what it means to serve

Hog wash. As a vet and previous usaa contractor they don't know how to treat anyone. more worried about politics then serving people. They are worthless as an employer. they have a great speach about work and life balance health and so on. more like slave drivers. work you until they cannot get anything else from you. they back stab good honest people and play favorites within little groups of friends. If I knew what I know now I would have never gone to work there. what else can I say other thanit is just *** to work there
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I agree with the slave driving. They always want you to do all this free talk to members in spanish .

Were most employers pay for that skill. Offer no discounts on their products for their employees and expect you to sell sell sell with no commission.

Sorry..its a good company but I am not spending 40+ hours for my health. Show me the money and pay me for it


USAA is number 17 on the Fortune list of top 100 employers. Meant to include this but hit the wrong key.

I stand by the information, and something else is going on here. Maybe fired??



Your comment adds no value to the poster's comment. Being a "top" employer doesn't mean this person did not have this experience. Also, if you're going to state something like this, please provide your source or the value of your comment is completely worthless.

The poster provided evidence of the following:

1. Overworked

2. It seems like no reward for the extra works...

3. Bad management

You have done nothing to state these issues are not true. Also, you're rude. I suggest you seek professional help for this condition.

Have a nice day.


Why is USAA consistently listed as a TOP employer? You are the problem, not them.

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Grapevine, Texas
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The worst experience in my entire life

USAA has no clue when it comes to home insurance/flood/hazard, they re very poorly trained , big communication break down and very unprofessional. I have been dealing with the same issue for 4 months now. I was told that the flood insurance will be collected at the closing but guess what , it didn't happen so now the bank is charging me around $500 for 3 months because they drop the ball. It took them 3 months to notify me that my flood policy was cancelled by the insurance company, and according the bank regulation I should have continuous coverage all the time. Now I have a valid policy that was obtained through the bank but they still send me mail telling that they need a copy/proof of my coverage, how crazy is that, they re the one that obtained the coverage to begin with but they don't have a copy? You be the judge. I didn't mention the headache I went through before closing let's leave that for some other time. Last word is USAA they re good with auto insurance anything else please don't walk but run. Good luck.
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Evacuated during a storm, I evacuated. Came back three day later and there was standing water in my living.

Wood floors, furniture and everything sat in water for three days. It was very obvious the water came throgh the chimney and out of the fire place. USSA SAID...(hold on to your seats) USAA said: Ma'am, that came through an existing hole.

At that point there was dead silence on my end. I had her repeat it.

Then I acted like a downsouth DONKEY! After going 'round and 'round a few days, I finally figured out that homeowners ins and flood ins are NOT connected. SAME Company...yet, homeowner didnt suggest to call FLOOD.

They are the subject matter experts..not me. Besides that...she ended the convo by saying..."if the storm would have ripped the roof off and the water came in......" CLICK (i hung up)


Y'all are lucky. GMAC charged me $5000.00 for a 1 year policy while i was fighing with fema about being in a new flood zone.

Policy thru FEMA was $900.00 .

what a rip off. criminal tocharge so much.

Tripled my Mortgage payment for 6 months, and i fear defaulting. 2 payments to go.


I just went thru a similar thing, my bank is charging me $750 for 2 1/2 mos of flood ins because FEMA suddenly told them i now am in a flood zone. When I found out that i was in a flood zone, i've never been before, I bought the insurance that cost me $300 for the whole year, not $4000 like my bank wanted to charge me. I'm so upset it feels like everyone is out to get you.


Well, it seems your experience would have been totally different if you actually knew what you were talking about.

1. Homeowners insurance (also known as hazard insurance) is always paid-in-full at your closing and was included in your closing costs. Homeowners insurance is required in order to protect your mortgage loan. And future payments will be billed to your escrow account and built in to your monthly mortgage payments.

Flood insurance is a separate policy from your homeowners policy. Flood insurance, which is regulated by FEMA, would not be billed at closing because flood coverage is optional. Because the coverage is optional, your mortgage company would not require that payment at closing (nor punish you for not carrying it.)

2. If you had issued the flood policy properly, you can find your proof of insurance in your online documents. Use that POI to provide coverage to the bank in order to re-coop that $500 if that policy was in place. The coverage would have existed for at least 3 months even if you didn't make any payments toward it. And with the recent mortgage meltdown and changes in banking regulations, banking and insurance companies (even if they are both USAA) no longer share information because it is against the law. So, having to verify insurance, as difficult as it may seem, is unfortunately something you will have to do.

3.If payment was never received for the flood policy, the insurance department would have sent you a notice and several bills. And in most cases, the policy would have been itemized on your automobile insurance statement. So, not knowing the coverage was cancelled is highly unlikely.

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Richardson, Texas
Usaa Auto Insurance
New Reviewer

USAA rub stamps loans not VA lendable

USAA Mortgage is supposed to be an advocate for veterans and military members. THEY clearly are not. We qualified for a VA Mortgage loan in 2006 - the VA inspector did not actually inspect the property, it was jerry rigged with bad water, black mold hidden, bad electrical, easement issues left and right, no water, septic on neighbors property and the list goes on. When we started to be aware of these issues 10 days after closing and then found out that USAA robo signed our mortgage documents with a water report that was not even from the subject property - we were furious. USAA did not indemnify and revoke the contract - assist us or anything. The property did not meet any of the VA lending requirements that you think USAA of all lenders would be familiar with of all things. So now we have a foreclosure and can't even buy another home. USAA hangs up on us - the VA sends us through multiple transfers until we end up disconnected. We are victims of contract fraud and USAA and the VA cannot even sell the property for $199,000 and we had bought it for $417,000 in 2006. Buyers beware and trust no one, especially real estate agents, the VA and USAA - another greedy corrupt bank.
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Usaa says you must use their appraiser and won't accept a non usaa appraisal done 30 days prior. Btdt!

I'm with you Brutha! Asked for a mortgage from usaa on home just paid off to user mtg company. Refused-said since the house was paid off through usaa, they were unable to remortgage the home. Took a home equity loan from usaa.

6 weeks later, usaa renamed the loan a mortgage without homeowner input and sold the mortgage to Gmac, shadiest mtg company around. Since I was going overseas, I paid the mtg payments 2 years in advance. Got a call from gmac as to why I wasn't making mtg payments on time? Asked them where the 2 years advance payments went?

Usaa kep them and didn't apply them to the account record when selling the mtg to gmac. Took me two years of threats from gmac to get usaa to clear it up. Definitely tells you the pres of usaa certainly has a great handle on his company!

Oh wait! The pres is only at usaa about 30 minutes a week!


So blame USAA for your choice of inspector or appraiser?! If you were spending that much money on a home, then why not get a second opinion?

Didn't want to spend the money?

Then you want USAA to insure the dump? Penny wise and dollar ***.....

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Seattle, Washington
Usaa Mortgage
New Reviewer

USAA- Go with someone else.

My house was burglarized a few weeks ago. I didn't panic because I had USAA and I assumed they were one of the best and took care of the soldiers. *** was I wrong. I will give you the easy math: Bought TV for 1700, they depreciated down to $500, then give you only 60% of that until you have purchase a item just like it for the $500. So they give you $350 to purchase a item they value at $500 and you have to have receipt to get the other 4150 from them. So in short I paid $1700 for a tv and received $350 from them for. I didn't cry when they broke in and stole my stuff but I did was I was victimized the 2nd time by USAA. They did that for everything I owed. At one time i recommended every young solider to enroll in USAA but no longer. When Soldiers past and present treat others like that then it's time for a change.
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you will one day be inactive military, so why not treated the same ?


Yikes, on the policy were you covered for ACV (actual cash vaule) or replacement cost?


First of all, thank you for serving your country.

PROBLEM #1: The first question they should ask when you call is, "Are you an active duty member?". If true, they should greet you respectfully.

PROBLEM #2: The value of things you buy depreciates over time. For example, the same TV you bought last year may be on the market for 50% less this year. You probably already know this, but it wasn't stated in your post.

PROBLEM #3: Did your policy require copies of the receipts to get fully reimbursed? It sounds like the coverage was different from what you were expecting. For example, you were expecting thousands of dollars of coverage and you only got a few hundred. This is a great warning flag to people who insure their homes. Check to make sure you get coverage for the cost of replacement! If not, consider shopping elsewhere. If you've selected someone else, please do tell us all so we can do business there.

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Raleigh, North Carolina


Here's another USAA dis-satisfied customer! I missed my closing date 2 times because of the untrained individuals hired to process my re-financed loan. I wouldn't suggest recommending them . the processor that was assigned to me, never picked up the phone, i would be put on hold at the minium of 12 mins. When I first began the whole process, I was given story and later the numbers and the whole situation changed. I asked to speak to the original personal and got the run around as if the original person was the janitor or some one. I finally decided that I had enough, I am asking for a full refund of my application fee.
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Hi, we were suppossed to close tomorrow and the loan processor just called me and said we were denied. I asked why and she said the income is less than last year.

IT is in fact, not the truth at all!!!!! Can someone help?

Recommend a bank that cares? I am sooo dissapointed on USAA!!!!


I could have written this two years ago! I am still pissed about the untrained flunkies who answer the phone and are "assigned" to you for the refi process.

My "assigned" person was plain ol ***.

So was her "mgr." He absolutely covered up her mistakes. USAA is not so great.


The EXACT same thing happened to me. After two missed closings I still trusted them.

They finally said everything was good to go and while driving to title company to sign papers, my phone rang and it was USAA saying my loan was denied!

I was floored. I went to another bank and got the same loan with a better rate in only 5 days.

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Spotsylvania, Virginia
Usaa Loan
New Reviewer
When I was a part of a military type family, I was treated very well. My ex husband and I had a joint account and money flowed it every payday. Well when my ex decided to wipe the account clean and take all of the money and close it USAA did not inform me that I would...
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If you are the victim of domestic violence regardless of your service affiliation, do NOT bank with USAA.

After my husband physically abused me and overdrew our joint account, USAA has now put holds on all of MY accounts.

From a standpoint of abuse, USAA is putting my life in danger by cutting off valuable resources and access to cash.

This is despicable.

I really hope that they get to experience the horror that I went through. USAA is a terrible financial institution and if something happens to me because I can't access money, there is blood on their hands.

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Fresno, California
Usaa Account
New Reviewer


In 2009 I had a fire in my detached garage/mancave, it was totally destroyed. I was told by USAA not to worry I had replacement insurance. Here is how it worked: I was told to list each item, date purchased, cost ect: this was done and then told when I replaced the items, to send them a receipt and they would de-value the item based on age and send me a check. Example a 1 year old lawntractor paid $1800 (had the receipt) I purchased a new mower and USAA sent me a check for $550 because that was what the value of the 1 year old tractor was in their mind. It went that way for every item I purchased,sent them the receipt and they de-valued.All in All it cost me $12,500 out of my pocket to replace the items lost. So if you have USAA BEWARE! I was with them for 35 years! But no longer…go figure
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This is the way all insurance companies work unless you get special insurance that pays replacement cost and not depreciated value. Has nothing to do with USAA.






Wow!!! lol- I went through the same thing.

It seems as if once you are retired or out of the "state of texas" we are no longer considered "good stock" since they have already got u "in" they simply forget about you once the checks get cashed but if you need to rely on USAA - you are simply SOL. I have been trying to reach the CEO and keep getting blocked by Christine Dickens (Does not call you back or simply patronizes you as if you are the problem" NEVER USE USAA INSURANCE OR BANKING THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT CARE TO HELP OR UNDERSTAND.


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Plano, Texas
Usaa Homeowners Insurance


I have an auto claim against USAA for an auto accident in which their policy holder was at fault. They are INCOMPETENT at best and heartless at worst. They are rude, inavailable, give conflicting information and are pretty much unethical at every turn. I had to hire a lawyer for what should have been a straightforward claim. They seem intent on being unfair and cheap. They also don't even pretend to have compassion or understanding for victims. If they offered me free insurance for life I would refuse it, that's how bad they are. Stay away from this company at all costs!
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They were pretty awesome to me. I'm not sure how this recent accident is going to settle, but I have a lawyer trying to hound them for me.


My car accident was June 4th 2014, and the adjuster claims that she hasn't received our police report which I know for a fact is a LIE.... here it is September and I still haven't settle, Time to hire a lawyer for them...and their customer was at fault and USAA wont accept liability.


My parents have been with USAA for 40 plus years. They carry uninsured motorist with $ 100,000.00 ceiling.

I was stopped at a light and got hit from behind by an uninsured, stoned and drunk motorist going about 60 mph who didn't even bother to brake. I have micro-managed back issues my whole life. This accident through it all into chaos leaving me in severe dfaily pain, unable to walk or sit at times. I went to the ER, had to go through months of rehab, had neck surgery and lower back surgery and although I am better, I am still not as well as I was before the accident.

Now, all USAA wants to cover isd the ER and the follow up appointment because I had an MRI six years prior to the accident....

So, I need a lawyer in San Antonio (my location) to help recover funds from USAA, the policy my parents have been paying for multiple decades.

The whole process has been awful and it is not beyond me to sue them for whatever a good lawyer thinks it is worth.

This has been a nightmare.

Anyone know of an attorney that would love a shot at helping me out?


Everyone seems happy with USAA ....Until they NEED them!!! Ive been with them for over 30 years and I have needed them ONCE and its been a fiasco!! When I have time I'm gonna tell the whole story on every online review service I can find and then I will cancel them!


It's statements like some of the commenters that really *** me off. I see usaa like a lottery????

No...... I see it as my car DOES NOT look the same and now I have to pay to get it fixed when their insured rammed my car..... Then when I expressed my concern the claims rep was rude and told me it wasn't a big deal, it's just a car.... I explained that this car rehabilitated my husband and is a show car.

Well was a show car till it was hit. She then said again. Why is this a big deal????

Rude. She talked in circles and just didn't want to help or understand our position.


Yes I agree on all statements. I'll never use them. Ever ever ever.


I was in a auto accident on june 21st and it was the other driver fault. They have USAA insurance and all I can get out of them is that we have not gotten ahold of the driver to get a statement from him.

Then today after talking to USAA they tell me that the claim can last up to two years and if the driver never makes a statement than they can decline the claim. They picked up the other drivers car the week after the accident and took it to the body shop according to the wrecking yard.

You going to tell me that they never contacted the other driver that is car is being fixed. They are just giving me the run around, and I am going to have to contact a lawyer now.


i've never had any issues w/USAA. It seems that a lot of people see the claims process as a "lottery process" and they get upset when the company puts its foot down. All of us pay in the end when people inflate their damages or injuries.


shut up!! obviously you are one of the few!

or have never filed a claim... And pray to god you don't have too


I spent over 21 years in the us army and consider myself a man of character and conviction. Any way while on drill sergeant duty back in 2005 i started to hear alot of praise in all aspects on what usaa does for the military now the vast majority of these praises came from senior non commissioned officers so when i retired i went with usaa now fast forward to the 10 may 2012 i was cut off by another automobile that forced me off the left side of the road into a ditch ruining the front bumper and destroying the windshield reservoir. And knocking my car out of alignment. So i called usaa and filed a claim that following day. Now over the following days i noticed that my headlights started to become foggy so i bought some headlight cleaner but realized that the problem was on the inside. Now i should have mentioned that 1 i own my car i have the title 2 i have never filed a claim on this car and 3I i keep the car in emaculant condition. So anyway the usaa insurance adjuster in very short terms he just tried to fast talk me into accepting what he wanted so he told me to take it to the body shop that usaa uses and told me that they would ensure my car was fixed properly and back to original OEM QUALITY STANDARD. so when i took my car to the repair shop and pointed out the problem with the headlight i was told it was not related to being run off the road and she WOULD NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. SO SPEAKING AS A RETIRED MILITARY MAN I CANNOT STRESS STRONGLY ENOUGH TO STAY AWAY FROM USAA IN MY CASE I BELIEVE I WAS A VICTIM OF UNETHICAL BUSINES practice all for a few hundred dollars for some headlights that should tell u all u need to know


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Washington, District Of Columbia
Usaa Auto Insurance
New Reviewer

USAA destroys credit

I opened a credit card account with USAA. They set up email notifications for payment. They never sent an email until the account was overdue. That pissed me off so I called up to cancel the card, but a representative talked me into keeping it and walked me through setting up auto-pay through my bank and setting up automatic notifications. They didn't draft my account and never sent me any notifications until the card was overdue again. All the setup had disappeared from my account-twice. They are either incompetent or doing this on purpose to get late fees and interest on their card accounts. Either way it is unacceptable for a bank. This time I cancelled the card. The reps were polite, but who cares if they destroy your credit.
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Keep an eye on your *** accounts. *** happens.

You don't have five minutes to go to and see if the automatic payment is set to go through a few days before it is being sent?

As for that "100 dollars" they took from it was late fees.



Obviously Jah-CKASS works for USAA ... just a comment to put the company spin back into the mix. :p


Wow, you're right, I am responsible for my own financial well-being. That's why I will no longer deal with an institution that does not honor its end of the bargain.

Perhaps I didn't make it clear that I twice set up automatic notifications and they did not work. I also set up auto-pay and that didn't work. I have two other credit cards that are set up that way and they have never failed in 15 years. I simply can't afford to deal with incompetence in a financial institution.

Their multiple failures on one account destroyed my confidence that they would ever get things right. Oh, by the way, an update: When I closed the account, I payed online and they drafted $100 more than I owed (or agreed to have drafed)!

So I called them and asked for that to be reimbursed and am now waiting. If they never send it I guess I'll chalk it up to tuition for a hard lesson.


Shouldn't you be responsible for knowing when the due date is on your card regardless if you set up reminders? I know the due date on every single card or loan I have and I even have payment notifications that come every month.

You are responsible for your own financial well being, not the bank.

Stop blaming everyone else. I've been a member of USAA for years and have never had a problem with them.

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Logan, Utah
Usaa Credit Card

Failed to set closing date

Currently paying$5000 per moth on first and second mortgage. Asked USAA to consolidate the two loans at a lower rate to have cash to remodel master bedroom. Home was apraised at $380k and loan was for $304k. Closing was set for two weeks then rceived a call from USAA saying not closing until renovations were complete. They new I could not complete the renovations until I had the lower monthly payment. Rep from USAA was a complete ***, didn't care that I was a vetean of 30 year, and a member of USAA for over twenty years. Left me without a closing, kept my upfront monies and hung up on me. Have spoken with several people there all to no avail. I believet they like my $5k they are getting and didn't want the lower monthly payment. They were rude,totally unempathetice, only thinking about how much they could get from me rather than helping me out. If I could find the CEO's, Joe Robles' email or phone number I would call him. It is no wonder people go postal!
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Tampa, Florida
Usaa Mortgage
New Reviewer

USAA wants to pay me less than half my cars value

I've been a USAA customer for years and have full coverage on all my cars. October 24, 2011 I totaled my 2007 Pontiac G6 which I had for less than a month and they want to give me less than half what I gave for it, because it has a Rebuilt Title which they knew when they sold me the policy, but they dont tell you that. *** if I wanted to take that big of a loss, I would only pay for a Liability Policy and save my money. I have them sued over it and have never settled with them and won't for that kind of money. USAA sucks and I would not recommend them for ***. All about screwing military and Veterans!!!!!!
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You, sir, are a rube.

You paid retail for a vehicle that is valued at no more than wholesale.

So USAA calculated the wholesale MARKET (ACV) value of that junker. I'm sorry you're a poor consumer.

The sad part is they'll probably settle with you just because it's not worth the effort, so you'll go on thinking you're right.


So if I buy a watch that has Rolex labeled on the front but on the back has Seiko do you think I will be able to sell it as a Rolex?

Probably not, I use to work at a dealership and unfortunatly with salvage or rebuilt titles its buyers beware!

Not only will the manufacture not honor any warranty but try to compare it to blue book value, you will be lucky to get half.


That's what you get for for buying a car with a salvage title. Sounds like you got ripped off by the seller as most uniformed buyers do. Just cause you paid x amount of dollars for the car doesn't mean that's what its worth.

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Somerset, Kentucky
New Reviewer
USAA cancelled my policy. They have the worst customer service in the world. I have a letter from them in which I have saved for everyone to look at and for proof. They claim since I don't trust their so called customer service since they screwed up my account...
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I worked for usaa as credit card servicing. Just bein on the other side of the phones were bad.

I got escalated for a soft yawn on the phone.

They talked to me and told me not to be doing that or id be fired. "Sorry im tired" cant help you'r human reflexes.

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Aurora, Indiana
Usaa Account

Pitiful contact system

I called to report a claim. I was very patience going through a laundry list of question was told my wait time was seven minutes. I waited seven minutes someone clicked on the line and then hung up on me. I called right back to go through the laundry list of questions again to be told that the office was closed. I then tried to go online since I have never made a claim in all the years with USAA I didn't know my login info. I tried every way to request such to get a dead end. I am very pissed!
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I've been with USAA for 27 years, given them thousands of dollars they gave me some dirty printer paper in return,They misreport negative information on Lexus Nexus to keep you from going to another

insurance company,canceled my policy for late payment,extorted full payment for a years worth of insurance than inflate the rates.Now they sent a letter to my state DMV saying my insurance lapsed and the state wants my tags back for a three month suspension.The executive office is a joke this is the guy who pulls the short straw and has to tell you its your fault and NO they have no intention of correcting there mistake.At one time this was a good company in the last couple of years its taken a nose dive in the craper.Save yourself some major pain go elsewhere for insurance.


This makes no sense. My family has been members of USAA since 1963, and any time of day we've ever tried to call, someone is there.

I've had to call them in the wee hours of the night when we had trouble on the road.

I've called them on the weekends at odd hours for regular policy service. Something doesn't sound quite right about this complaint.

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Gainesville, Florida
Usaa Claim
New Reviewer


We have been members with USAA for years now. At the beginning of Feb. we were hit by a man who was speeding and ran a red light. He was given a ticket and his insurance company accepted fault. USAA is still being horrible! I broke my knee and tore several ligaments in the accident. I still cannot put any weight on my leg, so we decided to enroll my 2 year old daughter in daycare until I can get moving again. We only did this because USAA said that it was covered under our policy and all I needed to do was send a receipt. When I first called to ask if they got my receipt I talked to a VERY rude rep. who informed me that they would not pay for it because its an expense we already had..Umm no I work from 3pm-11pm and her dad from 8am-3pm so she is always with one of us. After explaining this to her I was told I would recieve the reimbursement. Never got it. So I called again this time i was told that they would not pay it because I have an income so I can pick between my lost wages (which I still have not recieved) or child care expenses. EXCUSE ME I should not have to pick from either...I would not be waiting on lost wages if I wasnt in the accident and I wouldnt be paying for childcare either...they are a total waste of money because when you need them most they will turn their back on you....
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The USAA claims adjusters are only nice to you until the bills for them come in. Then they turn on you and treat you like rat ***.

I was involved in a hit and run, I was not at fault, and when I made the claim for the accident, an agent told me this would be an uninsured motorist claim, and I would be provided a rental car fully covered. They recorded my side of the story where I was asked more than once if my car was drivable. I said yes, for the most part, other than some new noises I am hearing. I sent her the estimated repair costs, and the next day I asked if they received the documents.

Now, all of a sudden, it turns out I was turned down for a rental car. I needed one desperately because I had to drive a long distance the next day, and did not feel safe driving my car. Not to mention the fact that the body shop manager told me that the car would be in the shop for about 10 days, and I have absolutely no other means of transportation (my husband was working out of state, all my family lives hours away, and my co-workers live on opposite sides of the city). This literally had me freaking out to the point of panic.

But they were so stern and rude to me saying that I would not be approved for a rental car. When all of this is done and my car is fixed, USAA is gone!


Recently had a fire claim in Alabama . The adjusters are rude and fight you on every expense. In a nutshell, USAA is not your Grandfather's USAA that was honorable and treated people well.

Small example. Every single item in your house down to your socks you will haggle over the price. Yes , I had replacement cost coverage. USAA estimates that the majority of the public will be worn down and take what they are given.

What USAA does not realize is that I will tell everyone I know of my experience and they will lose business to companies that treat people well in times of distress.


I agree . I recently had a claim and the adjusters are rude and domineering. This involved a homeowners claim.


Auto covering Daycare - wow, never heard of it.

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Tualatin, Oregon