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Move over cable TV and phone companies, there is another bad-actor in town - USAA customer (dis)service. I have been an USAA "victim" for about 3 years now and I must say that this company puts the UCK in SUCK! Every, (and I mean every) transaction with USAA customer service is a major debacle. I really cannot think of a time that I had a pleasant experience. The representatives are rude and the rules they enforce are laughable. e.g. trying to... Read more

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Here is how backwards USAA is. I can not deposit a check into my account because they no longer use UPS and they do not have any physical locations. So when I tried to do the online deposit I was refused. They said it was because I do not use my account enough and I had 5 over drafts in a year. Please some one make sense of this for me!?! First I transfer money into my account on a regular basis several times each month. Why would you not offer... Read more

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I lived at 1913 Art Museum Drove, Jacksonville, FL (Landon Imperial Apts) when I moved to Jacksonville and it was there that some black kids on crack vandalized my car and I lost my car because USAA Automobile Insurance tried to cheat me out of $345.00 above and beyond my annual premium. I could NOT pay it because I had just gotten out of the hospital after receiving chemotherapy and radiation for leukemia and I did NOT have the $345.00 to spare... Read more

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Lucky for me, for the next ten years, I will let my opinion be known to the younger generation of military about USAA. After being with the company for about ten years, it will be coming to an end. The Customer service reps will "" information or just flat out tell you the wrong thing. When you talk to the next person to update your information, they tell you all sorts of new rules even different ones from the time of your original date of... Read more

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I wanted to find out why my funds were on hold and the first lady kept reading a script over and over without answering the question so I kept asking and she got upset and asked me if I wanted to speak to another customer service rep. The next one kept reading the exact same script. She basically told me I have the funds on hold because of my standing with USAA. I never had a negative experience so I asked for my standing and she said that... Read more

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My wife was in an accident on a Sunday. When she called they took the basic information. She asked if she needed to file a police report and the rep said oh you need to call back Monday after 8 am I can't answer those questions no can right now. I call and mix things up and presto after I yell at a few people an adjuster calls my wife. USAA you did the one thing you can't do. YOU FAILED my wife. You've screwed me numerous times but my wife... Read more

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Time and time again, lately I've had to call to get issues resolved about checks written, posted and they did NOT use overdraft protection I had set up. Instead they would rather charge me overdraft fees vs using overdraft protection. Then they send me a letter about setting up overdraft protection. Ridiculous! I am going to close all checking accounts and transfer back to another credit union I was a member of. Never had these problems... Read more

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Car is in shop. Insurance company check was cashed (written in my name) by mobile. Company policy placed a hold on check. Wont release for 7 days. Cannot get car out of shop. Asked for funds to be released, they review the account. Passed judgement that I am too much of a risk factor to clear the funds? What are they accusing me of doing? Its not the insurance company, it my account that was reviewed. Im pissed and we will be changing... Read more

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Horrible customer service . Mortgage department is a joke.

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I joined USAA about 35 years ago and use them for all my banking, borrowing, and insurance needs. I have my primary mortgage, credit card, homeowners insurance , auto insurance, rental insurance, 2 life insurance policies, and 2 sizable retirement accounts with them. They have been fantastic in every regard over the years. Very responsive and always helpful. They also have the best rates of any bank or insurance company in America. They have... Read more

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