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Loved USAA however realized they are great until you have a claim. Basically, the USAA adjuster reinterpreted the meaning of the language of the agreement to deny the claim. I had a simple and small claim. Was even considering not filing. USAA Policy services sold the policy and supported the coverage. USAA Policy services encouraged me to file the claim, emphatically supported the claim, stated the claim would be paid, and stated the claim... Read more

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They locked my account mine and said not responsible for fee to bills only thing they do to serve veterans and bend them over. Yes they can contact me if they have the nerve my family is shutting down all accounts. Want to satisfy all my issue shut down all your fraud department personal accounts for three days and let bills go inpaid

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If you like to be placed on hold, transferred from person to person and then told that the power of attorney that they have on file THAT THEY SENT YOU TO PROVIDE ACCOUNT ACCESS DOES NOT ALLOW ACCOUNT ACCESS, then USAA is company for you. My son is in the military and we mistakenly believed that they would provide the most comprehensive services for him....well, we were wrong. The auto insurance is more expensive than a similar one priced at... Read more

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Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Six thousand dollars was withdrawn from my account (unauthorized) and when I called to report it I kept getting transfered and hung up on. Four phone calls and 3 hours later I never got through to someone that could help, so I was forced to withdraw all my funds and investments. Needless to say I never got resolution even after filing a grievance. Their attempt to help (after filing the grievance)... Read more

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We have been with USAA for 14 years. We have never had any issues. When our debit cards were fraudulently used, they were quick to respond and take care of the situation. THAT was BEFORE. This is now. I received several email notifications from USAA while working my well over 12 hour shift at the hospital. Come to find out, someone had hacked my husband's member number, changed security questions, filed a travel notice for Florida, performed a... Read more

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Calling to get any clarity on your escrow account after a house closing is a total joke. The system the employees can see differs from the mailed paper statements you will receive after closing, so trying to match up dollar amounts with an employee over the phone will be impossible. I called to figure out if we received the correct refund of our escrow. Based on a paper statement they sent me, it appears we are still owed some money. The... Read more

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I have been a USAA member for almost 40 years I have had nothing but great experiences with them. I use them for all my insurance needs and have a USAA credit card For every claim they have bee responsive and courteous. They have been right on top of through three homeowners claims including two catestrophic water events. For every auto claim they have been right on top Would never consider anyone else I have read some of the other complaints... Read more

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I had been a USAA member and premium-paying policy holder for nearly 58 years, when, In February 2016, I filed a claim, for the very first time under my homeowner's policy, because of water intrusion into a bedroom and USAA-covered sun room addition to my townhouse condo in Alexandria, Virginia. The claim was handled in such an incredibly inept, cavalier, and callous manner that I felt compelled to complain, first to the adjuster, C.C., and,... Read more

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I had traveled from my home in Bangor, ME to San Diego , CA. I only had one credit card . My USAA, credit card. My car had so many problems that it did not start. I tried to use my USAA credit card. The repairs Maxed out my credit card . I had to call USAA to ask for a credit increase . USAA said NO. I am 100% disabled. The car dealership, so graciously allowed me to work off my bill. It took me 90 days to work it off. The dealership allowed my... Read more

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I have been a USAA member for many years. We made a decision to refinance our mortgage. After shopping around and getting educated on our current situation. Reading reviews from all potential institutions. I made the decision to go with USAA. I have read countless reviews on USAA’s website for experiences both bad and good prior to starting the refinance process. If you have been a member with USAA you understand there is no USAA bank you... Read more

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