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USAA Insurance is a complete and total sham!! Dishonors a service disabled Vet. Have heard some bad things about USAA insurance in passing from others in the past but as with most opinions I have tried to reserve judgement until personnel experience. USAA insurance today exposed their selves today to my Wife and I as the sham they are. A quick background; My wife at 24yo enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1986 after completing Nursing School at... Read more

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I loved this company up until today. I've been a member 2 years and any issues, problems, etc was always handled well until now. I finally start making money I should and deposit via mobile to see over 80% of the funds placed on hold for a week. That gets me mad. I call I. There hoping to resolve it as it is not a normal bank check but an efs check that can be verified in 30 seconds. I call in to talk to a manager and get a "senior rep" and... Read more

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Long time member, lost my job in 2008, couldnt pay my bills, lost my car and my home. Forced to file bankruptcy. USAA dropped my account and havent allowed me to login since I filed. I feel betrayed and violated. I have always paid my bills on time before and after the bankruptcy. It was the mist humilating experience next to the treatment by USAA. I now have a Navy Federal account, 723 credit score and and will never bank with USAA again. I... Read more

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I was straight up lied to by the usaa loan department. Noone wanted to try to resolve the issues that has occurred. Let me tell you I applied for a secure loan using my vehicle as collateral, after adding usaa a lien holder suddenly i was no longer approved. Resolution group did nothing to try to resolve the issue, anytime I asked to speak to someone who was in charge of the bank such as the bank president, or even a C.E.O. I was told NO. You... Read more

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So dissapointed with this insurance company and the way they do things. How their customers can just lie and get away with it! Time to get some justice on my claim since these people were very rude and no help at all! Add comment

I have been working with USAA for my mortgage for the past month and everything is going fine and a week before closing they tell me that haven't set up the appraisal on the house yet. and we can't close on it on our date and it will be another two weeks... I sold my house and closed on it.. now i have to stay with friends and/or live in a hotel for two weeks costing me time and money. Every time i call they they say they will call me back and... Read more

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I involved in an accident with my two small children in the vehicle. A young lady hit me. I contacted my insurance however, the insurance company of the lady who hit me stated that their client claimed it was not her fault so that they were not going to pay for the damages to my vehicle. I then contacted USAA and was told repairs could not be covered because the at fault driver's insurance company refused to accept liability and so because they... Read more

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Someone hacked into my Checking Account, changed my profile and was able to make 6 withdrawals (5 for over $800 each and 1 for $50). USAA never called me, they called the number the thief entered into the system, they canceled all of my automatic payments, and when I called I was treated like the criminal (I have been a member 30 years). First, I was told the phone number (been in the system since 1998 was incorrect) and my security codes /... Read more

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I would warn anyone before applying for a home mortgage with USAA, while asking about house insurance agent baited me into inquiring about a mortgage. Loan processor told me if I pay off car i'll be in correct ratio so I did. I now have a 790 credit rating and no debt, $85000 sitting in bank, steady retirement income of $1800 monthly applying for $60,000 home loan after $30000 down payment. Angels sang and praises rang out and lots of sureties.... Read more

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Just closed on a house. It was the most nerve racking process I experienced. So many disconnects and last minute requirements that had no issue to proof of income. Then the icing on this fiasco cake. USAA hadn't released the fund for the closing. In fact as of 11:20, the closing was at 9:00am, the title company is still waiting for the funds. Now I wonder if I should cancel all my insurance with them. Read more

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