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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #907127

Hard to contact, suffered huge loss on my car after being rear ended. Acted like my car was a POS because I was getting ready to paint it and it was primered. Worst insurance company I've ever dealt with. Also tried to replace my cars parts with junkyard parts.

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 24
  • #906305

Terrible I called because I needed help with my debit card and they were no help at they told me "call back later" .....I'm switching

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 22
  • #905429

I cancelled my home ins on 8/01. Im supposed to be getting a,refund. They wont tell me where the refund is going. My house payment is going down too since i changed ins. Co. I cant get them to tell me my new amount.

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Called USAA for a quote only. The agent I spoke with submitted everything as if I was taking the policy. Called and explained that all I wanted was a quote. USAA sent a notice to the state of PA that I cancelled my policy which I never had to begin with. Now I receive letters from the state that I have to provide a notarized statement that I did not have a lapse in insurance. Stay away from USAA, far, far, far, away. USAA really screwed me... Read more

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Went to to become member. Got to section that says read agreement and proceed. Agreement wasn't there. Couldn't proceed without lying about having read it. Left site and returned to try anew. Same thing. Tried once more and was locked out. Called usaa and asked questions I had pertaining to secured American express card. Got answers. That was a week ago. Got paid yesterday, had my discharge papers ready and called again today. Answered... Read more

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I have been a member for over 23 years (ever since I started driving) and have never had a problem with them. Repair claims have been painless and easy to file, and they pay without a hitch. They don't constrain you to a fixed set of shops, and pay the shop directly most of the time. Whenever I call, the representative knows what is going on and is able to help me out. I occasionally shop around for other rates, and theirs are, by far and away... Read more

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I have been a member of USAA Since I was a Naval Aviation Cadet in 1960, in excess of 50 years and, until recently, was happy with their service. Today I applied for a mortgage an was denied because they would not take into account the income from my investments. My investments consist of stocks and bonds in a managed brokerage account. My investment income is well in excess of that needed to pay the mortgage. My liquid assets are over four... Read more

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So in the past couple days i have called usaa multiple times due to fruad in my debit card. I have gotten the run around from multiple people there. And all but one person was rude. In this whole process me and my ex have been divorced for almost a year and usaa never took me off his account even know both of us did everything they asked. They have now closed both his and my account and are saying they do not want to business with us and that... Read more

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My parked vehicle was hit and totaled by a drunk USAA member on July 27, at approx 1:05 AM. Once my car was deemed a total loss, the adjuster offered me basically pennies for my car. I rejected the offer and submitted valid receipts to prove it was worth more than I was being offered. The adjuster ignored my phone calls for 4 days, finally called me back after filing a complaint only to deal with a horrible attitude, disrespect and being lied to... Read more

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I was in an accident in November of 2014 and was issued a "fail to yield" ticket which was directly tied to the accident. The officers on scene failed to factor the other vehicle's speed which was relevant to the situation and therefore pinning me with 100% liability. Both front airbags deployed from a front panel side impact which airbags are supposedly not designed to do unless over 35mph (according to what my USAA claim rep told me) and... Read more

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